Warnings for inflatable boats in Guernsey after one washed up at sea



The Guernsey Coast Guard have warned swimmers not to use certain inflatables in the sea after a dinghy has been washed away.

A dinghy took to sea near the swimming pools in Valletta on Monday, August 9.

The Coast Guard said the two on board were “struggling to row ashore against the wind.”

The Guernsey Harbors RHIB was dispatched to retrieve the crew and dinghy which were returned unharmed to St Peter Port.

Later that evening, the Guernsey Coast Guard received several 999 calls reporting a person stranded on a rock in Cobo Bay.

A paramedical ambulance, a response officer and a paramedic were also dispatched to the scene.

When the ambulance arrived, crews learned that the victim had been rescued by two other swimmers and brought safely to shore using a rescue device.

The patient was taken care of by paramedics and then taken to the emergency department at Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Guernsey Police also witnessed the incident.

It was one of 23 emergency ambulance service calls on Monday.

Crews also responded to a number of medical issues and falls.


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