Victory Robertle Rosette / Orange Caribe

The first stage of the Tour de Martinique des Round Skiffs was won by the Rosette / Orange Caribbean Skiff crew in Robert Bay. Rosette leads the general classification.

The Skiffs Rosette/Orange Carabi and Sarah/Auto Distribution got off to a good start, setting off from Walklin at 10.05am. On the other hand, Ufr/Chanflor is blocked by a competitor and admits a relatively significant delay compared to the two leading skiffs.

At the time of crossing the first tank, Rosette Orange was ahead of Caribe Sara/Auto Distribution and Ufr/Sanflor in 3rd place, out of the peloton.

All three presented themselves in the same order, passing in front of the second tank on Madame Island.

After 1h 57 of racing, the third float did not change the rankings, the three skiffs formed with the usual wind, but they gradually weakened.

A fourth float was first sent by Rosette Orange Caraïbe, who succeeded on arrival in Robert Bay.

1 Caribbean Orange Rosette in 2 hours 7′ 48″

2 Sara / Autodelivery 1’36”

3Ufr/Sanflor 1′ 58″

4 Gfa Caribbean 7’35”

5 William Sarin / Miltis 7’47”

6 Appaloosa / Vito / Ho-Hyo-Hen at 7’55″

7 Elise / Madiana 8’19″…

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Tomorrow, stage 2 between Robert and Trinidad towards the Caravelle.

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