victory for Ufr/Sanfleur on stage 4 in Fort-de-France

Stage 4 in Fort-de-France (August 4, 2022) crowns the performance of Ufr/Chanflor. Sara/Diane Remy’s Automotive Distribution Group is an overall leader.

This Thursday (August 4, 2022) is a new, more difficult stage for Yorkers, with the transition between windless periods and surprise winds.

The regatta on the Caribbean coast is different from the practice on the Atlantic coast, hence the constant vigilance“Our consultant Henri-Emilie Largen explains. The Sarah / Auto Distribution team is the best at this game.

Once out of Saint-Pierre, the boat benefited from a little wind in the morning then passed the carpet beach with little wind thanks to the control of the skull. In this way, the skiff continues to move forward and “poke holes”, experts note.

This day was marked by new misfortunes. Loïc Mas, captain of William Saurin, is being treated by his teammates due to injury, our correspondents report.

Skiffs at the start of phase 4 in Saint-Pierre.

©Denis Bouton

At the end of the course, the race was good between Sara/Autodistribution (Marin), Rosette/Orange Caraib (François) and Ufr/Sanflor (Robert).

In the bay of Fort-de-France, in front of a large crowd, but in front of more numerous boats, Ufr/Chanflor won after an extraordinary comeback ahead of Sarah/Autodistribution and Rosette/Orange Caribe.

Ranking at the end of Phase 4 in Fort-de-France

Classification of the 4th stage.


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Ranking after the 4th stage

Rankings after stage 4 of the 2022 Tour.


In this 4th leg, the Rosette/Orange Gareb received a 15-minute penalty from the Martinique Round Skiffs Consortium for refusing priority to the damage of the Ufr/Sanflor before the Scolcher float. “I was not summoned. I couldn’t even defend myself. (…) I come back to the position of yesterday (August 3, 2022), if it is indeed the commissioner who took the decision, why did not he take the same decision against Ufr / Sanflor for what happened in Grand-Rivière », Kenny Exley, captain of the Rosette/Orange Caribbean Skiff team. To be continued…

Tomorrow (August 5, 2022), stage 5 between Fort-de-France and Diamant.

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