Think of those who “get into canoes” with many “dying on the way”

Labor MP David Lammy made a passionate appeal to listeners on LBC radio to have more sympathy for migrants trying to cross the Channel.

He wanted people to take a moment to contemplate those who “get into dinghies and makeshift boats and cross the Channel.” Many of them die on the way ”.

The Tottenham MP said “what we are doing is not working” and demanded that the government start working in a “civilized” manner to help those people who are desperately trying to cross the Channel.

Most want to work

Lammy urged listeners to see the significant difference between those seeking economic immigration and asylum seekers and refugees, “most of them willing to work” if they travel to mainland Britain.

“Britain is not welcoming them all,” Lammy said. He then revealed statistics showing that in 2015 Germany took in 1.1 million asylum seekers compared to 32,733 in the UK.

“80 million displaced people around the world are largely in their neighboring country,” he said.

Lammy added, “Every summer people walk through the water and we keep getting calls to turn them away without asking the basic question, ‘is this working? “”

I predicted it

On Tuesday, former Labor minister and committee member Chris Bryant told The Independent that the influx of level crossings “was not only predictable, but we predicted it”, and that the measures previously described as crackdowns had been “notoriously ineffective”.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of using inflammatory language after calling migrant boat crossings “a very bad, stupid, dangerous and criminal thing to do”.

He also hinted at changing laws to tackle the problem, while Downing Street said Brexit would help as it would end “inflexible and rigid” demands on how asylum claims are reviewed and taken into account.

But critics questioned whether that claim was correct, arguing that EU laws currently in place already allow the UK to deport migrants.

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