Smash Boats is getting a co-op version on Xbox and Nintendo Switch


Smash House Games has unveiled a new version of smashing boats offering cooperative play as Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition is on the way. This will essentially be a whole new update to the game, as you and a friend can fight your way through other players on the same water-covered battlegrounds you had before. Now you can experience all the goofy, nearly drowned fun of the main game with a friend as you battle multiple opponents for ultimate supremacy on the small body of water over which you have no control. You can find out more as well as a trailer below as it will drop on Xbox and nintendo switch on August 18, 2022.

Credit: Smash House Games

smashing boats is an action game with a seemingly simple objective: smash everything in sight to conquer all arenas (pools)! It sounds easy – but with relentless enemies, wacky Mayday events, and unusual water obstacles that can get in the way of your progress… it’s anything but really. We’re talking arcade-style difficulty in a glorious, colorful package filled to the brim with boats, special moves, wacky events, obstacles and more. So if you end up having trouble completing some stages on the Nintendo Switch, just ask a friend to join you for some couch co-op! More than two? Board games – all 3, all new – support up to 4 players.

  • Loads of pools to smash through – including a toy box, pool table… and even a toilet!
  • 18 boats with unique smash abilities such as: frying pan, shark bite, lasers, water basin – and many more, many After.
  • All boats can also submerge, sink, sink backwards, power turn, and brake.
  • Conquer stages and collect stars to unlock new boats and pools!
  • Couch Co-op (2-player co-op) and Party Mode (3 competitive board games for 1-4 players) are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch – for now, at least.

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