Rep. Don Young says US must seize all Russian-owned boats and sell assets with BOATS Act

In a bill reminiscent of events before World War II, Congressman Don Young proposes legislation that would force the United States to seize all Russian boats in American waters and sell them to help provide more helping people in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. .

In the days before the United States entered World War II, the United States Coast Guard seized a small Norwegian sealing vessel, the Busko, in eastern Greenland in September 1941, which created an uproar in the US media, as the Coast Guard towed the busko in Boston Harbor, where it was announced as the capture of an enemy ship.

Young announced that he is drafting legislation to authorize the seizure of Russian yachts and commercial vessels currently in United States waters.

He calls his legislation, “Oligarchs Accountability Through Seizure Act (BOATS)”. The bill would also allow the seizure of Russian vessels flying the flags of convenience of other nations.

“This legislative effort comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s violent all-out war against Ukraine and its sovereignty continues,” Young said in his press release.

“America and the rest of the freedom-loving world continue to stand with the people of Ukraine in this time of needless violence and assault on sovereignty. This is a very difficult time for Europe, and our solidarity with Ukraine must be backed by urgent action against the wealthy Russian oligarchs who continue to lead lavish lives on mega-yachts, while their rogue friend Vladimir Putin reigns terror over innocent and peaceful Ukrainians. elite enablers must be removed from all areas of global commerce and public life I continue to support tough sanctions to devastate Putin’s ability to use the Russian economy as a piggy bank to commit global atrocities, but we need to do more,” Young said.

“Over the past few days, I have begun drafting legislation to authorize the seizure of all Russian yachts and commercial vessels currently in U.S. waters. When the House of Representatives reconvenes, I have the intention to formally introduce the Bringing Oliarch Accountability Through Seizure (BOATS) Act Given the vast humanitarian crisis created by Putin’s greed and aggression, my BOATS Act will allow the US Federal Government to auction off these vessels and all their content, with proceeds going to humanitarian aid efforts donated by NATO member states We must send a message of zero tolerance to Russian aggression, which requires us to make life as difficult as possible for Putin’s sycophants. Acting against Putin and supporting Ukraine has united our country. There is a broad bipartisan consensus that Putin’s violence must be opposed by action, which is why I call on my friends from both parties to join me in this vital effort.

The United States House of Representatives resumes sitting on Tuesday.

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