Poole Harbor travel agency robbed and ransacked his boat

A BOAT was stolen and ‘ransacked’ costing a company about to start Poole Harbor tours for the first time tens of thousands of pounds.

Adventure Pirate, an outdoor activity provider, had its boat, Fantasy Island, stolen from Rockley Park on Saturday.

Manager James Short located the ship on Sunday, only to find the engine, chartplotter and “everything of value” had been taken.

Mr Short said: ‘We moved the boat after Thursday from Cobbs Quay to Rockley Park and it was seen by security on Friday.

“Saturday evening, he was taken. Came down on Sunday, was going to take my family for a Mother’s Day trip and practice run and realized it was gone.

“We called the police, asked for security, there’s no CCTV there, we went out on our other boat to patrol everywhere.”

Echo of Bournemouth:

Mr Short said he found the boat abandoned on the mud banks along the Wareham Canal.

He had to wait for high tide before he could access it when he discovered that everything had been taken.

He continued: “It was our boat and we realized it had been ransacked. Engine taken, all cables, SatNav.

“It looked like someone had untied it, taken it under the Lytchett Bay bridge, ransacked it, pushed it out into the tide.

“We recovered the actual boat but it’s a write-off because of everything that was taken.”

Mr Short said the cost of the theft was between £20,000 and £25,000 and was causing ‘tremendous damage’ to the business, especially as they were about to launch the service. visits.

“I took it with a friend who ran Poole Harbor Boat Tours, he gave it to us and it was the first year it was going to be a joint venture,” he added.

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“I don’t see us running our business in at least three to four months. It’s really disheartening, we’ve put so much time and effort into the business, it’s very upsetting.

“We could do three boat trips a day at £300 at a time, that’s a big sum we’re missing and we have to refund our reservations.

“The local support has been phenomenal, so thank you to them. Keep looking for things to sell, any help we can get, we really appreciate it.

A Dorset Police spokesperson said: ‘We were called at 1.25pm ​​on Sunday March 27 to reports that a blue and white pontoon boat named Fantasy Island had been stolen between midday Friday March 25 and 1pm 25 on Sunday, March 27 at Rockley Park. Holiday park in Poole.

“The boat was later recovered from Poole Harbor near the industrial estates of Holton Heath. It is reported that the engine had been stolen and the pipes had been cut.

” An investigation is underway. No arrests have been made.”

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