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When the world’s twenty-four best 18ft skiffs line up for the 2020 JJ Giltinan Championship in Sydney Harbor from March 14-22, AeroMedia’s live broadcast team will be alongside and on- above the fleet sending a vision of the action to all parts of the world.

The team covers the weekly 18 foot Australian 18 Footers League single scull races in Sydney Harbor and are very experienced in how to follow the fleet, communicate with viewers and avoid the incredible number of difficulties. associated with production at a busy port.

For the 2020 JJ’s, the team will be using five 1080HD quality cameras, including one in the boatyard for interviews, by Troy Tindall, and to show the boat setups.

Andrew Buckland, seven-time 18-footer JJ Giltinan world champion, along with Mark Healey and James Bury will provide expert commentary on the water.

Their efforts allow viewers around the world to get up close and personal with racing skiffs as they speed through the harbor, while avoiding heavy commercial and private traffic.

Team members are also quick to point out, “Our coverage is absolutely live, in this case, in the moment. We are in the elements and not commenting from a comfortable studio. If the sailors get wet, we get wet too.

Producing the video team, Michael Chittenden, says producing a live video of the races in Sydney Harbor is far from straightforward.

“Our equipment is generally foolproof, but things like the weather are out of our hands. Will we be able to keep our power cables and cables dry when it rains or when we have to cross the wake of motorboats?

“We’re still wondering if the equipment is going to work, will the drone signal work or will the interference, common in Sydney Harbor, cause problems? “

Chittenden added: “We are also worried about how we will be able to place the camera boat in the right places and the right times, as we try to cover as much fleet and race as possible.

“It’s a fine line between a good race and one that isn’t that good, but most of the time things work out.

“There are a lot of things that can go wrong. We have three onboard cameras, a drone, live commentary, a boat park camera and graphics.

With three commentators, a driver / commentator, a ronin operator, a drone pilot and Michael Chittenden directing the show, there’s a lot going on as the little camera boat weaves its way through traffic to bring all the action. to viewers around the world.

With so much going on in a small area on board the chat-camera and at the speed needed to cover the action from 18ft Skiff Racing, the team’s efforts are incredible so that we can enjoy the thrills associated with it. flying machines.

The dates of the races are:

Saturday March 14 Race 1
Sunday March 15 Race 2
Tuesday March 17th Races 3 & 4
Wednesday March 18 Races 5 & 6
Thursday March 19 Race 7
Saturday March 21 Race 8
Sunday March 22 Race 9

The live stream from the AeroMedia Live Broadcast team is available at and by clicking on the ’18 Footers TV ‘link.

A pdf copy of the 32-page JJ Giltinan 2020 Championship program is available at:

Click on the “JJ GILTINAN 2020 PROGRAM” button.

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