Letters: “Non-white people risk their lives in canoes and boats to swim the channel to get here”

IT is easy to take for granted the freedom we enjoy today.

The sacrifices made by the inhabitants of this country were numerous during the two world wars.

During World War II, we had strict rationing of food and clothing.

At school, our classes were frequently interrupted by air raids and we had to run to the shelters with our gas masks ready.

At night we climbed into an iron cage inside or ran elsewhere to the nearest shelter.

Every time the police whistled or we heard a siren, we knew enemy planes had penetrated our shores.

There was no free health care or benefits back then.

Today, non-whites risk their lives in dinghies, boats and even attempt to swim across the English Channel to get here.

Why are they doing this if we’re racist and think black lives don’t matter?

The wounded policewoman on her horse, the burning of our national flag and the defacing of statues are not the actions of those who wish to bring unity.

The Romans invaded this country and the English were their slaves, building roads, forts and baths.

In Egypt, slaves built the pyramids but they don’t tear them down or erase their murals.

No, they even moved a pyramid stone by stone and rebuilt it somewhere else to make way for the Aswan Dam. The list is endless.

Let’s all think about what unites us and move forward in love and respect for each other.

We are all on the same road together and all roads are one in the end.

J Taylor, Darlington.

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