Leaked figures reveal 1,075 Albanians arrived in the UK on dinghies and small boats over the six weeks

In response to a rise in the number of Albanians using tiny boats to enter Britain, MPs have urged the government to step up efforts to deport migrants to Rwanda.

According to the figures that have been disclosed, migrants from the NATO member country and EU candidate in the Balkans now represent four out of ten arrivals in northern France.

In the six weeks to July 12, an increase saw 1,075 Albanians arriving in the UK on dinghies and small boats.

Surpassing all other nationalities, including Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians, they made up 37.5% of all migrants transported to the UK by gangs in small boats during this period.

The future prime minister has been urged by Tory backbenchers to act quickly.

According to Natalie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover, the majority of Albanians arriving in the UK in tiny boats are not seeking asylum due to conflict or persecution; rather, they come for economic reasons.

There is an urgent need to move forward with Rwanda and similar plans because it is pure illegality.

The “really eye-opening” statistics, according to Tory MP for Ipswich Tom Hunt, “underline why it’s so vital that the government gets on with it and gets the Rwandan agenda started”, and we need to stop this farce.

The first item on the ‘entry tray’ when Parliament reconvenes after the summer recess should be legislation to implement the Rwandan plan.

A source from the Liz Truss leadership campaign said: ‘Liz has a proposal to expand the Border Force, make sure the European Convention on Human Rights works for Britain and reform the rules of the ‘modern slavery that are exploited.’

The need for deterrence is crucial, which is why we will ensure that the migration agreement with Rwanda succeeds and we will strive for more agreements.

“It is completely unacceptable that migrants from peaceful countries, such as Albania, seek to enter the UK illegally,” said a spokeswoman for Rishi Sunak’s campaign.

He said blocking crossings would be a top priority for him.

The country is much further down the arrivals list based on the number of Albanians arriving by small boat over a six-week period, according to the most recent government data.

In the first three months of this year, just 271 small boats arrived in Britain, and 757 did so in the whole of 2021. But in the year to March, Albanians dropped off nearly of 5,000 asylum applications, suggesting a growing number of people may be using small boats instead of other gateways into the UK, such as sneaking under lorries.

The rise in the number of Albanian asylum seekers last night was unjustified, according to the Interior Ministry.

If these people aren’t really fleeing for their lives, it’s not the UK public’s responsibility to support them, according to Reform UK’s Richard Tice, who obtained the leaked study.

Whether the Albanian increase can be seen as an “anomaly”, Clare Moseley of refugee organization Care4Calais questioned.

According to the data, the bulk of those crossing the Channel in recent years were genuine refugees, she claimed.

If there has been a change, it seems that the popularity of small boat crossings is having an impact on the actions of smugglers.

“The growth of risky Channel crossings is unacceptable,” a government spokeswoman said.

We have introduced life sentences for people who help to enter the country illegally, and the Nationality and Borders Act makes it a crime to knowingly enter the UK.

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