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Lazarus winning skipper Ashley-Jones praised his team, the regatta, its organizers and the European scene. “Winning a trophy as prestigious as the Mark Foy is such an honour. It was not an easy road as we broke our mast in practice on regatta day and had a sleepless night just to start the first race.

“Angus, Phil and I came together as a team for the first time at the event. We clicked right away and had a consistent regatta in tough conditions of 20-28 knots. Consistency and performance must be credited to Gus and Phil. Two very talented sailors.

“Sylivia and her team at Arco Yacht Club put on an amazing event. This regatta should be on every single scull sailor’s wish list. There are fast races, great food, incredible scenery and nice people.

“The 18ft single scull fleet is growing in Europe with super competitive racing and growing numbers and we look forward to welcoming Kiwis and a good number of Europeans to Sydney in March 2023 for the JJs, which promise to be a truly competitive regatta.

Lazarus’ win was also a great reward for the sponsor, who have been involved with the League’s Sydney fleet for the past two seasons.

According to the company’s managing director, Dale Klynhout, “The extended Lazarus family are delighted to win the 2022 Mark Foy Trophy, held in Italy, after just two full seasons as sponsors of the 18 Footers. This victory is a great honor to have our beloved brand among the two previous winners and the namesake of this trophy.

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“I would personally like to pay tribute to our skipper, Marcus Ashley-Jones, who has worked harder than anyone to bring the single skiff Lazarus to the top of class nationally and internationally in 12 months.”

“His vigor alone shows us all what is possible through hard work and determination. We also thank and appreciate Angus Williams and Phil Marshall for their contributions to the result.

“We look forward to the upcoming 2022-23 season on Sydney Harbor as the combined Lazarus and 18ft community at large can only imagine how eager Marcus and the team will now be to be among the best in the Sydney fleet.”

The annual Mark Foy Trophy Regatta honors the name of the man who was the ‘father’ of the class in Sydney Harbor in 1892.

Mark Foy is considered one of the most important historical figures in Australian sailing history. An innovator and visionary who wanted to take sailing to a national and international level, Foy was Australia’s first entrant in an international sailing competition when he took his 22ft boat, ‘Irex’, to England in 1898.

Six years before his historic trip to England, Foy staged an incredible spectator regatta in Sydney Harbor in January 1892 with colourful, fast boats, handicapped to produce thrilling finishes, in front of thousands of spectators gathered on the ‘grandstand’. of his island.

It was the precursor to the championship we see today with the 18 foot flying machines.

Races for the 2022-23 Australian 18 Footer League season will begin on Sunday October 16 when the club hosts Race 1 of the Spring Championship, in conjunction with the Major Arthur Frizelle Trophy.

Frank Quealey
Australian 18 Footers League Ltd.

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