Launch of new dinghies thanks to Fanta bottles

Bottles of Fanta launched John Merrick’s Sailing Trust RS Teras at Starcross Yacht Club. The launch took place on a sunny evening on Friday, May 20.

The launch ceremony marked the launch of six new RS Tera dinghies, awarded to the Junior Section of Starcross Yacht Club by the John Merricks Sailing Trust (JMST). Robin Charles and Basil Strickland used Fanta bottles to replicate the traditional breaking of champagne bottles on the bow of a ship during the launch ceremony.

These brand new dinghies, designed for children and young sailors, have been awarded to the club by JMST to help further develop junior sailing and racing and retain developing sailors in the sport. Starcross, reputed to be one of the oldest sailing clubs in the country, has its home on the banks of the River Exe. It has a thriving junior section, with around 50 young sailors attending Friday night training and race training, which this year started in early April and will continue through the summer.

The club is running a number of open events for juniors this summer and welcoming visitors. There’s an open RS Tera and Topper meeting on June 10, and the legendary Starcross Junior Regatta taking place August 18-21 will open for entries in the coming weeks. For more information see

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