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Irish 29ers skiffs caught between Covid restrictions and the International Class Association

The 29er Class Association finds itself caught between Irish restrictions on Covid and the International Class Association, which is seeking a ranking by May 15 for young Irish people entering this year’s World and European Championships.

The Association has written to all who have expressed an interest in being part of the process.

The International Class also asked the Irish Class to submit a list of three teams for each regatta, by May 15th. There is more interest from Irish members than available slots, which have been limited by international Covid restrictions. Thus, an ‘On The Water’ assessment was decided by the class association in order to create a ranking system.

However, Irish inter-county travel restrictions linked to Covid have made it difficult to do so.

“We were unable to organize an evaluation day for the 2021 29er World and European Championships. This is due to the current travel restrictions still in place in Ireland. All of those who have expressed interest to be part of the process have been contacted It is a very fluid situation, which places us between national restrictions and international class desires.

“We do not yet have a firm date set for this process as we are trying to work with the 29er international class to remove the need for a ranking list within this short period of time. They have currently requested a ranking by May 15 for all nations. As the travel restrictions are to be lifted on May 10, we have scheduled May 15 as a possible option if we would not be able to secure an international class extension, ”said Matt McGovern for the Irish Class Association and member of the Irish Class Association Selection Committee 29er.

The class is looking for additional places with the International Association.

The World Championships are scheduled for Aarhus, Denmark from July 30 to August 7 and the European Championships at CN in Valencia, Spain from August 23 to 31.

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