How to Unlock Skiffs in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

In Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, players had access to gliders, which allowed them to cross chasms and protect themselves from falls. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire gave players the ability to use mounts, making traversing the often expansive world map a bit easier. With the release of End of Dragons, a new travel-based mechanic, Skiffs, was released to make players’ time a little easier traveling through Cantha’s many islands and areas. This is how you will unlock the Skiff voyage in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.

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Skiffs are a mastery skill tree that unlocks while you complete the 4th chapter of the main story. You will have to complete the story up to a certain point and then approach Room manager Soohee to unlock Skiffs. She will give you a Fame Heart mission to compete.

To complete the mission, you’ll be asked to help the Aetherblades, who have taken several prisoners and generally made life for the townspeople more than a little miserable. To do this, you will first need to repair a Skiff. Lots of broken ones are located on the docks around the area, and once right next to the quest giver, Lobby Manager Soohee. Repairing the skiffs requires an easy to complete symbol memory game, then you can navigate through the water channels.

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Prisoners are located both on land and in water, and you can load them into your Skiff as you sail by interacting with them. You will only be able to carry four passengers at a time before you have to return to nearby docks Room manager Soohee and navigate to delivery point. You can also earn completion bonuses by sailing your ship through floating debris to disperse it and fishing at Special fishing holes. Bright shimmering circles indicate them on the water. You can only fish once you have moored your Skiff in the circle.

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Once you’ve completed the heart, talk to Lobby Manager Soohee again and you can purchase items from her. You can buy the Skiff for either Imperial favor Where Writs of Seitung Province and some Money.

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