How much will it cost to repair this Ding door? Artificial intelligence can help

High-tech companies are using artificial intelligence for the vehicle inspection process.

Sounds a little dry, but it’s potentially a game-changer for anyone with a smartphone who wants to file an insurance claim, pick up or drop off a rental car or rideshare, return a rental vehicle, or one day make an appointment. you at the dealership, knowing in advance what is wrong with the vehicle.

“I call it ‘inspection proliferation,'” said Eliron Ekstein, co-founder and CEO of London-based Ravin AI, with offices in Israel and Austin, Texas.

“Traditionally, you have to take the car to a car auction, or to a special place at a dealership, and have it examined by a specialist. We see a need to inspect vehicles when used by non-professionals , by ordinary people like you and me,” he said in a phone interview.

The obvious problem with do-it-yourself inspections is that most people don’t know what they’re looking at. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

Companies like Ravin AI can instantly compare consumer-shot video with learning distilled from millions of images of damaged and undamaged vehicles. An AI-enabled program can also tell the consumer where to position the camera if they’re out of position or have missed spots, Ekstein said.

There are many more potential uses, he said. For example, when you’re done with a carpool vehicle, the owner might not have a chance to inspect the vehicle until another user arrives and drives it.

For owner and driver protection, there must be a way to reliably and in detail certify what condition the vehicle is in and when, Ekstein said. If there is damage, a timely inspection can attribute the damage to the correct customer.

At the end of a car lease, Ekstein said it’s time-consuming and stressful for the consumer to have to make an appointment for an inspector to come and do an in-person inspection of the leased vehicle to be handed over, if necessary. It is also time-consuming and costly for the leasing company.

Instead, artificial intelligence makes inspections a practical, standardized and repeatable process, he said. “The goal is really to standardize the quality of inspection, with people who are not professionals.”

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