From boats to billiards, the Chicago-area company has been providing recreational entertainment to the world for over 100 years

CHICAGO – Have you ever driven along DuSable Lake Shore Drive and seen all the boats on the lake and dreamed? It happens to many Chicagoans every summer and most make it a daydream.

People often hear about the trials and tribulations of owning a boat and think the risk isn’t worth the reward. What if there was a way to get out on the water as often as you want without owning a boat?

The Freedom Boat Club takes all the hassle out of owning a boat while retaining all the benefits of having your own. Located in Burnham Harbor, Diversey Harbour, Montrose Harbor and Odgen Slip in Streeterville, there are plenty of options for your boating pleasure this summer.

How it works?

You choose from a variety of plans that let you browse when and how often you want. Freedom Boat Clubs takes care of everything from cleaning, maintenance, storage and insurance. They also offer unlimited US Coast Guard training, depending on your boating needs. Fishing, waterskiing, or socializing in the Chicago Park, you’ll have plenty of boating options to keep you busy all summer long.

One thing that many Chicagoans may not realize is that the Freedom Boat Club is owned by the Brunswick Company of the Chicago area. Wait, the same Brunswick company that made tires and produced rear bars, vinyl records, billiards and bowling balls? Yes, yes and yes.

The Brunswick Company has been around since 1845 and was founded by John Brunswick.

Since that time, Brunswick has become an established American institution. Agile and resilient, Brunswick has seen the American Civil War, two world wars and dozens of American presidents.

A record produced by Brunswick

Rooted in American entertainment for nearly 200 years, from its first pool table in 1845 until today, when Brunswick is one of the world leaders in pleasure craft, marine engines and marine parts and accessories.

Fun fact, it is one of the oldest publicly traded companies on the New York Stock Exchange, as it was the second largest publicly traded company.

To learn more about the Freedom Boat Company, Click here.

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