Annexes for ex-gang members | PNG Loop

Eleven of the 20 dinghies were showcased at the Tidal Basin on Sunday with locals from Papuan Compound, Bumbu and Hanta in attendance.

These ships were donated to boost small business owners in Wards 2 and 3 of Lae District – the communities living along the city’s coastline.

They will be used to transport betel nut and other products from ports like Popondetta and Finschhafen to Lae.

Rosso said the ships were presented as a result of proposals from recipients a few years ago.

“Most of them have mostly had a bad upbringing and are trying to convert their lives. In our suburbs, these are people who have supporters – young people look up to them – like former gang leaders, that sort of thing,” he said.

Rosso said it also helps the city’s long-term efforts to reduce crime by promoting small businesses.

“It’s our way of helping these small SMEs and, in turn, they can take care of their communities.

“A lot of people look to the member to try to change their lives and if I can help a few of these people change their lives, I hope it will reflect back on the communities they live in.”

The dinghies come with mandatory PME training which two people from each household must attend. The training will help beneficiaries learn how to manage their money and resources wisely to grow their business.

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