67 dinghies confirmed to participate in the fishing tournament


A total of 67 dinghies have confirmed their participation in the Justin Tkatchenko Fishing Tournament which kicks off at lunchtime today in the village of Vabukori in Port Moresby.

The Modern Bottom Fishing Challenge will be officially opened by the MP for Moresby South and the Minister for Housing and Town Planning before the dinghies set sail offshore.

The dinghies will have six crewmen on board and each will have to swell as it will be a real test for each of them to tackle the fish.

The fishing tournament director from the host village (Vabukori), Kwari Daure, said the challenge is a real test for anglers to use their skills, especially in bottom fishing and light fishing.

“This is the biggest event that will involve the communities of Taina Ladera, Vabukori, Taikone and Kila Barracks,” he said.

“We are using these communities as a base for trials and once this is successful we will invite other nearby neighbors to participate next time.

“We depend on the sea and occasionally depend on fishing which provides our daily livelihood and income to support our families.

“All the dinghies will cast off at 12 noon this afternoon and return to shore at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

“The authorized area for this competition is strictly between Loloata and Haidana islands and any dinghy who exceeds the limits will be disqualified.

“An escort canoe will be available to provide fuel and ice packs for the canoes.

“I want to express my gratitude to the Minister for the funding and support of our local fishermen,” Daure said.

Tournament prizes for heaviest fish weight will walk away with K1500 for the winning team, second prize is K1000, third prize K800, fourth prize K600, fifth prize is K400 and sixth prize is K200.

There will be bonus prizes for the top 10 species caught at K100 each while the biggest catch of the day will receive K500.

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