37 “abandoned and abandoned” boats to be removed

37 “abandoned and derelict boats” will be “removed from the water and disposed of”, the ministry announced today, with the boats located in the areas of Riddell’s Bay, Lagoon Park, Stock’s Harbour, Marginal Wharf, St. George’s Harbor and Great Bay. .

A government spokesperson said: “Today the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] and the Department of Marine and Port Services advise the public that 37 derelict and derelict boats – owners unknown – will soon be pulled from the water and disposed of.

“This is a joint program between the government and Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed by the Minister of Transport.

“The 37 ‘unknown’ derelict and derelict vessels are located in the Riddell’s Bay, Lagoon Park, Stock’s Harbour, Marginal Wharf, St. George’s Harbor and Great Bay areas and are not only unsightly but also pose a hazard to other vessels motorized.

Collage made from some of the images in the leaflet, which you can read in full below

“The government cannot currently find any characteristic names or boat registration details on these derelict and derelict boats,” the ministry explained.

“However, if you own one of these vessels, you have 30 days from today, Monday January 17, 2022, to remove your vessel from its current location and relocate it to a site that does not contravene not at the Merchant’s provisions. Shipping Act 2002, the Marine Board Act 1962, the Marine & Ports Authority [Dumping] Regulations 1967 or any other law of Bermuda. To view the notice and list of derelict and derelict vessels, visit gov.bm/theofficialgazette/notices/gn00862022.

“If you wish to identify to the Government whether any of these vessels belong to you, you may voluntarily agree to authorize the Department to dispose of them at no cost to you by completing a Consent Form and returning it to the Department of Maritime Services and You can contact the Department of Maritime and Port Services to obtain the consent form, which will also be posted on the government website. www.gov.bm.

“However, if you do not respond within 30 days from today, Monday January 17, 2022, your vessel may be disposed of, and if the identity of the vessel is subsequently determined upon recovery, the costs incurred to following such disposal may be your responsibility.

“Pursuant to the Marine & Ports Authority (Dumping) Regulations 1967, the Minister for Transport may order the disposal of any vessel which has been abandoned and is likely to become unsightly or to interfere with free navigation within the territorial waters of Bermuda.

“In doing so, the Minister may order that the person responsible for the abandonment of the vessel be liable for the costs associated with the alienation of the vessel. The Department of Public Works will provide the disposal site and disposal of hazardous waste removed from each ship.

“For all derelict or derelict boats where the owner is known, the government will contact those boat owners in due time before the boats are removed. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Full vessel details document follows below [PDF here]:

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